Layaways - Returns - Shipping

Information:  Diane's Doll Shoppe Store and On-Line Policy


Layaways are available on single purchases of $100.00 (US Dollars) or more on in-stock items with a 25% deposit from the purchase price. All Layaways are final sale.  Special orders require a deposit of 55%. The purchase remains the property of Diane’s Doll Shoppe until full payment has been made. Payments of at least $35.00 are due before the 10th of each month. You can calculate your monthly payment by deducting your deposit from the full price and divide the remainder by the number of monthly payments. 


   Amount of Months

$100-$300 -499(US Dollars) 2 -3-4 months
$500-$900 6 months
$900-$2,000 12 months/1 year
$2,000 and up To Be Determined

Non-payment for one month is considered delinquent and must be corrected immediately to avoid a $10.00 late charge. Non-payment for two months is in default and complete forfeit of the credits can be realized. Merchandise will be returned to the shelf and NO REFUNDS will be given. There will be restocking charges of 25% of the list price of the doll/bear. Store credits at the discretion of Diane’s Doll Shoppe can be given after penalties are paid. 

Layaways are NOT available on discounted dolls and cannot be cancelled or transferred to another piece by customer. Penalty for non-payment may result in full forfeit of the account credits, or such amount as determined by Diane’s Doll Shoppe. Minimum restocking charge is 25% of full price. Remaining account balance will be a store credit.  Non-payment or default on special orders will result in full forfeit. 

Return Policy
All purchases are final except for authorized returns, which must be received within 10 days of purchase and must be in mint condition. Only store credit will be awarded. There will be a $25.00 charge on all returned checks.

Damaged Shipments
All merchandise should be inspected upon receipt and notification be made to Diane’s Doll Shoppe if damaged.  Do not return without prior authorization. The package will need to be inspected by the carrier before honoring the insurance claim. Keep all packaging intact as received.